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By: Joe K.
Pennsylvania, Age 12

There was this man named Quaker who was known throughout Greece during 600 B.C. He was known for saving people in need. Every girl in Greece wanted to marry Quaker. But Quaker loved somebody else. Her name was Nicky. In Greece to show that you want to marry someone you had to send the person three gifts. So Quaker gave Nicky 3 gifts. The first gift was a rose. The second was piece of clothing, and the last was the most beautiful treasure in the world. It was a solid gold ring that was worn by Zeus, but Quaker found the ring lying on top of Mt. Zeus. After you send three gifts, you send a note to tell your love where to meet you. Quaker sent Nicky, a letter to meet him at Center Square. That’s where everyone was. He wanted everybody to witness him and Nicky gets engaged. The day before Nicky met Quaker, she was undecided. And Quaker was so excited, but nervous. Finally the day Quaker was waiting for had come. Nicky met Quaker in Center Square, but she was still undecided. Right when they met he popped the question. “Will you marry me?” he asked. Nicky still undecided and pressured because everyone was watching her. “No,” she said. “What?” asked Quaker in shock? “I’m just not ready,” she said. Everyone was shocked about Nicky’s decision. With all the pain in Quaker’s heart tore into two. When his heart ore into two the Earth started to shake. He was so sad, he ran into the woods and picked a spot and dug until he could lie down. Once he was done he lied down, and hit the walls so the dirt would come down and cover him completely until he couldn’t breath. Quaker buried himself alive. Hades came for Quaker’s soul, but there was no soul. There was no soul there. Hades knew someone Quaker loved very much had crushed his soul. So Hades said, “From this day forward, every time someone gets rejected by their true love the Earth will quake. Every time his or her true love rejects someone, the Earth will quake.”