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By: Jamie H.
United Kingdom, Age 10

Chapter 1

Hades, king of the under world was all ready killing people madly.
Meanwhile Zeus, king of the gods, was looking down on everyone peacefully because there was no sign of Hades. Well, not yet anyway!
There was a sign of Hades because he was on mount Olympus trying to steal the gold and silver but Zeus and the other gods where watching him all the time. Hades turned around and saw the gods
“hi”. Zeus said. “Shall we take him away?”
“Certainly “said the god of fire. So they took him to the Olympus Jail. Hades was as red as the sun.

Chapter 2
While Hades was in jail he was thinking of creating a monster to get him out of there and kill Zeus and the other gods. So he created a monster called the devastating death dragon of the deep.
He was a fat old beast with knifes in his stomach to kill everyone who attempts to kill him. He has a spear in his knee caps to into the hearts of the gods. Despite being really mad, the death
Dragon tour off the bars of the cage to let Hades out and the monster went to work. Sprinting dreadfully, the beast ran to mount Olympus fighting every one who got in his way.
Zeus, raging with horror, got a thunder bolt and threw it at the dragon but he caught it and threw it back up at Zeus………………………

Chapter 3

The thunder bolt got Zeus straight in the eye and killed him. All of the gods were very sad due to the death of Zeus and wanted revenge on the devastating death dragon. So they got the weapons
But they realised that the death dragon had already killed most of the gods. The death dragon had killed all of the gods now so he went back and Hades went up to him and said “well done”.

The end