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The Tale of the Robinís Red Breast

By: James L.
Michigan, Age 10

Long, long ago, under a pitch-black sky, people ruled the world with generosity and kindness to the animals and the plants. They lived peacefully together.
One night Chief Goldenbird told everyone that each family should have their own fire and dance their own dances.
Years went by and the families became tribes. s wanted to give each family a family bird that suited their liking except one, which got the robin when their family name was the Fireeagles. The robin was a plain, brown, beautiful and graceful bird, but it did not suit the Fireegles.
The robin was not sad though. It understood and it decided to wait for Mother Earth to give it something to give to its tribe.
That night the robin woke up in a forest fire. It wanted to help the animals, but it didn∆t know how to so it flew up very high and all the flames flew into it∆s breast. Then Mother Earth told it to its tribe. When it got there the tribe was amazed to see a bright red breast.