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Pretty Fishes and Ugly Fishes

By: Ashley B.
Tennessee, Age 13

One day there was a whole school of fish swimming through the ocean. But, there wore two types of fish in this group, here were the pretty fishes and ugly fishes. Bubbles, considered an ugly fish, was hanging out with her friends and one of the pretty fishes, Lucky, came out and said, '' This must be where the ugly and stupid fish hang out.'' He left with his friends laughing behind him. ''I don't care what he thinks,''said bubbles, ''we're ugly for a reason.'' So oneday Lucky and all his friends were just swimming out in the open, not paying in attention to anything else. Then, Bubbles saw something out of the corner of her eye. ''Move!'' she yelled to Lucky. There was a shark coming right their way. Bubbles warned Lucky and he just said , ''No, were too pretty for the shark to eat us.'' ''Well,'' Bubbles said, ''don't say I didn't warn you.'' So Bubbles and her friend went and hid behind some seaweed which blended them in well. The shark came by and ate a few of Lucky's friends. Lucky was so sad for a really long time. Then oneday he came up to Bubbles and said,'' I wish I looked like you so we could've blended in the seaweed, too that day.'' So you don't have to be always be beautiful to fit in.