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'How Cows Got Spots'

By: Nidiyah M.
South Carolina, Age 9

Do you know how cows got spots? Well if you don’t I will tell you the whole story.
One day there was a cow in a field on a hot summer day.
He said to his mother, “Why do I have spots?”
His mother said “Before you were born I was cooking some food. Before I could finish cooking I had to go to the vet my friend stayed at the house to watch the food. She was so busy watching TV. She fell asleep. So when she woke up she forgot what she was going to do and went home. When I returned home I was so hungry that I didn’t look to see that the food was burnt. And I dropped it on my baby by mistake. The baby cow was left with spots. From then after some cows are still born with spots. That’s how you got spots.