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''How it Started to Rain''

By: Blake V.
Louisiana, Age 12

Once long ago a kid named Zuepus was god of rain.He was the sun of Zues. He lived on an island called Crete.One day Zuepus was wolking in to a palace.He saw a young and buitefull girl.Zuepus had to met the girl.Zuepus wolked over to the girl and said,''Hi my name is Zuepus''. The girl said,''Hi my name is Elisibith''.Zuepus asked the girl if she wanted him to wolk her home.The girl said,''Yes you can wolk me home''.They wolked on the road to Elisibith house.Zuepus said,''Bye I will see you later''. Zuepus wolked home.
The next day Zuepus went to Elisibith house. When Zuepus got to her house he was surpriced to see that Elisibith was killed.Zuepus was so sad and angrey that he ran away to the hevens.Now Zuepus just walks around the hevens crying and macking it rain all over Earth.