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Mindu and his Journey.

By: Cameron R.
Ohio, Age 13

Mindu was on his way to the fiels where his Mother had worked to provide for the two of them. Mindu is a skinny kid he has 20 arm and 10 legs which beats the average in Zumunda.On his way he faces stunning challanges. One of his challenges is a rhino. Rhinos in Zumunda are mean and dont like nothing.He stands in front of the Rhino The Rhino Charges!!! But he doges he pulls out his sowds and cuts him behind the ear. The rhino and Mindu turn around the rhino charges again but this time Mindu dose not doge the rhino and gets hit. After about 13 seconds he gets back up and stabs him in the gut. After the rhino was dead he figured out that the rhino had Babys and was just trying to protect them. So he travled along felling real bad about he had done those babys and to the mom. After 10 minutes he comes in to contact with a Dragon. Nobody ever nows if he made it to his mom's field.