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'' The Ice Goddess ''

By: David W.
Oklahoma, Age 11

Once, when the Earth was cold & young, there was a beautiful Ice Goddess. She could control how cold the Earth was. She was a gracious soul. However, if she had any sudden mood swings, especially to anger, the weather would drastically change. Once, she got very angered when she was trying to sleep, because, the townspeople woke her up, thinking that she was a menace.

''Who dares awaken me?'' the Ice Goddess
screeched. ''You shall pay!''

A huge blast of wind blew the townspeople
backwards. When the wind settled down, the townspeople were hanging on to a frozen

''Now, that did it!'' she said.

However, Bartholemew, was a young boy who could lull people to sleep with his voice when he sang. He heard the Ice Goddess. ''It's
time to calm this soul down.''

He began to sing to the heavens with his
voice echoing throughout the Ice Goddess's
neck of the woods.

The Ice Goddess yawned, ''Thank You ... boy ...'' The Ice Goddess drifted off to sleep.

Bartholemew was praised by the townspeople, and he had a happy life, from
then on.

The End.