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!! Shake, Rumble, and Roll !!

By: Savannah C.
Louisiana, Age 11

Once, many moons ago, Polly was born from Hera. She was given the name �Polly, The Goddess of Peace�. She had a sister named �Emilee, The Goddess of jealousy �. Some how they were best friends, even though they were complete opposites. Polly had just won the Novel Peace Prize and even though Emilee was jealous, she let it slide and kept going with her life. Well, one day, the two were picking flowers and Polly kept picking ugly dead ones. Emilee got so mad that she went to the tip of Mt. Olympus, stomped her foot , and the whole world shook. Along with random shaking, there was lightning. Later she realized that she had created an earthquake. So now, when they fight, we have earthquakes.