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Izanami's Island and its Owner

By: Alexandra S.
California, Age 13

Izanami was a generous goddess who lived in a cherry blossium was able to shrink so small that she'd be invisable to the unaided eye. One day she disited to go to the beach when a storm hit and she was lost at sea. Izanami woke up to a great shake. When she looked around there was a volcano erupting! And there, behind it, was the monster of leagin, Hydra. If I make even a pip in this eruption, she thought, I'll get eaten. So she instead explored, and grew fond of the island. Maybe if I bargen with Hydra, Izanami thought, he'll let me stay a while. She ventured as close to him as she dared. ''Hydra, oh master tormentor of all beast,'' she started, ''I am Izanami and wish permistion from you to stay on this island for until I may have a home.'' With a thunderous laugh, three of his mighty heads poked out from the bed in witch he layed upon. ''You think I, Hydra mithical tiytain, will let you stay here?'' he sayed a little too brisk. With a small reply of ''Yes.'' from Izanami, Hydra threw back all his heads. He amied and then, nothing. It was like the goddess vanished. Izanami lived a happy life. After ten months practiseing how to swim she swaim back to her home land's shore to once again sleep in the cherry blossium. Hydra still searches for Izanami and had a short life due to the eruption of the violent volcano and not escaping in time.