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A Change in the Wind

By: Jacob K.
Missouri, Age 14

It started a long time ago in a place that no one knows; two gods battled with each other to see which one was better. The god of the sky and the god of the sea were arguing about whose natural disaster caused more destruction. On the inside, Zeus knew that Poseidon's earthquakes were very powerful and he started to become jealous. So one day, Zeus challenged Poseidon to see if he could create a better disaster than his brother. However, right after Zeus whipped up one of his best thunderstorms, he started to become drowsy and soon enough, he fell asleep. Without Zeus's guidance, the thunderstorm went out of control. High winds started to pick up forming an unusual funnel in the sky. By the time Zeus awoke, the funnel had touched ground and had created total destruction in its path. Zeus saw how magnificent this disaster was and knew that Poseidon would never be able to beat it. Til this day, Zeus and Poseidon have a contest during the Spring and Summer seasons to see whose natural disaster causes more havoc, and every time, Zeus takes a nap with a big smile on his face.