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Partin and the 3 goddess

By: Breanna H.
Georgia, Age 13

One day in the day in the forest a few miles away from Mt. Olympus, lived a fire breathing, Cyclops beast.
Hes name was Partin and he was a terrible thing. If some one ever made eye contact with the giant, he could tear the very soul out of you.

Well one day the giant was out patrolling hes forest and came upon what he thought was the most beautiful goddess ever, Henry the goddess of peace and quiet, he was enjoying a nice afternoon walk with hes other 2 sisters, Blake the goddess of compassion, and Keller the goddess of love. When he saw Henry he ran to him and immediately made eye contact with him, not meaning to of course, but as he did his loves life perished in his hands. The other 2 sister were so angry at the giant for killing their older sister that they swore revenge in the giant.

The giant Partin became so depressed and scared that he hid himself in a cave and never came out. Until the 2 sisters Blake and Keller came back with their 2 older sisters, Megan the goddess of candy and speech and Breanna the goddess of loudness and all things random, when they heard that the giant had killed their eldest sister they came to help their sisters kill the giant.

When they found the giant they saw how sad and lonely and scared he was and they felt sorry for him, until they remember that he was the one that killed their beloved sister and shot him down with arrows, and when they did he true colors shined through and tiny rainbows come down from the sky.

So now whenever the giant cries from the heavens, the sisters come and put out of his depressed misery and rainbows come down to earth.