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Masters of Disasters

By: Rusty C.
Tennessee, Age 13

After many years of evil war, the world was finally at peace. Apollo and Triton had become very close friends and would do anything for each other. But one day, Iris brought a message to King Zeus. ''I have overpowered and taken into my control the great monster Hydra. And with Cerberus and all the dead souls at my call, I can wipe out every god on Mount Olympus. Signed, Hades'' was written on the paper. Zeus went down into the firey pits of Tartarus and barely managed to get past Cerberus, the ferocious three-headed dog. He marched furiously through the burning gates and passageways of the underworld hardly noticing the screeching screams of the dead. But then all of a sudden he saw Hydra fly just a few feet from his head. Hades jumped off the back of the hideous creature and landed in front of the supreme god Zeus. They argued for hours until at the snap of Hades fingers Cerberus pounced on the back of Zeus. The surprised god wrestled with the monster until finally he passed out and was taken into captivity by the Dark Lord. Back atop Mount Olympus Apollo walked into his father's throne room, but to his surprise it was not Zeus in the throne; it was the king of the underworld, Hades. He ran out and onto his Chariot driven by swans. He went to the ocean and called for Triton, his best friend. Triton came out of the sea to find out what Apollo needed. ''Hades has kidnapped my father and I need your help to stop him,'' said Apollo. ''Oh yeah, by the way he has Hydra with him, too.'' ''Well what are we waiting for, let's go,'' said Triton. So they went back to Mount Olympus where Hades was. When they got there, all of the gods staying there were laying on the ground unconcious. They jumped on the roof of the building where Hades was and discussed a plan that just might work. But then, they heard an evil laugh as they saw Hades, Hydra, and Cerberus standing just a few yards in front of them. ''Where is my father?'' yelled the angry Apollo. ''I swear, if anything has happened to him, I'll...Agh!'' He looked down and saw two boney hands coming out of the ground and grabbing his feet. They pulled him through the roof and into the center of his father's throne room. He looked around and saw that the room was swarming with skeletons of everyone that has died. He jumped up on a broken column and drew his bow. He put five arrows in his bow and fired them into the crowd. He did this routine for awhile but quickly realized it was useless. He heard a groan behind him and turned to see his father, Zeus, hanging by his arms from the ceiling in the shadows. ''Father, are you, O.K.?'' asked Apollo. ''Ugh, yeah, I'm fine, but you go help Triton stop Hades while I take care of all these dead people,'' said Zeus. As he hurled a lightning bolt into the crowd wiping out more than half of them; Apollo ran to where Hades, Hydra, and Cerberus were standing, but he couldn't find Triton anywhere, until a pile of rocks started moving, and he leaped out and landed next to Apollo. After hours of fighting, Apollo called down the power of the sun and formed into fire in which he held in his hands until Triton knocked the three off of Mount Olympus. Apollo jumped up in the sky and threw the fire at the ground so Hades couldn't escape again, then Triton caused a flood to occur and finally, unexpectedly, Zeus threw lightning at the place. Hades often tries to escape, but it only makes the Earth shake. So, every time there is an earthquake, Hades is trying to escape, and when there is a wildfire, flood, or thunderstorm he is being stopped. You might could call them the 'Masters of Disaster'.