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Nathanus, Thunder God

By: Jessi K.
Georgia, Age 13

Nathanus, halusa, and the thunder

By: jessi K

The story of Nathanus has many different meanings and different stories of who he is. Let me tell you my version of the story.
Nathanus was a very strong guy. In fact, every night before he went to bed, he would go to the top of mount inoe just to show the people of the city just how strong he was, really.
Halusa was Nathanus’s wife. She loved him no matter how strong he was. She was your everyday house wife who was trying to do a good job raising their son, jamus. Jamus was a very happy little 5 year old boy, who just wanted to be like his dad when he grew up?
One night, Nathanus went up to mount inoe, as he always did; only this time, he invited the people of the town, to come along, as well. Once He got these two huge stones and stood there like a raven with his arms spread open.
He took the stones and he threw them many miles away. A few hours later, they people of the town, Nathanus, halusa, and jamus heard a loud boom! They were amazed by such a noise; they decided to call Nathanus “the god of thunder.”