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Iris and the Sky of Many Colors

By: Nicole B.
Georgia, Age 13

Long ago, there was a beautiful girl named Iris and she had just gone out for a walk when all of a sudden it started raining. Iris was the type of person that got what she wanted and when she didnít, she made sure at the end things would turn out the way she wanted it to be.
So, she went to complain about the bad weather to Hera. Hera was the same way as Iris, except when something didnít go Heraís way, she got even and did something very bad to them. When Iris came to talk to Hera, she told her about the rain and how it messed up her beautiful walk. Heraís advice to Iris was to make something happen after the rain stops, something to look forward to.
When Iris went back outside the rain, the rain had stopped a little and the sky was looking a lot sunnier than it had that morning. Iris was thinking about Heraís words to her and wondering what would be something nice to look forward to after the rain stopped. When she looked around, all she saw were trees, and roses, and flowers of different colors like orange, indigo, and violet. And when she looked up in the sky she saw the bright yellow sun and lots of fluffy blue clouds.
Right then and there Iris knew exactly what to do. She took her hands and waved them over all the colors and then she throw them into the sky and then there was a beautiful bridge of colors consisting of red at the bottom, than orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and at the top violet. And Iris called it a rainbow.
So whenever you get stuck out in the rain, just look up in the sky and look for the sky of many colors.