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People With Big Ears

By: Michael S.
Wisconsin, Age 13

There once was an elephant. Only, there was a problem with this elephant. He was skinny and looked very weak for an elephant. One day, the god of badness, Ervin, was attempting to settle a dispute. Only Ervin didn't want to have the arguement settled. He wanted the two gods, Joel, god of strength, and Cassell, goddess of ugliness, to fight. Now, everyone knew elephants were the smartest creatures, so the god and goddess wanted an elephant to decide. Ervin saw the skinny elephant and thought it must be dumb. So he took the arguement to it. Little did he know that this was a smart elephant. He gave a satisfactory answer to Joel and Cassell that they should share their cherry pie. Ervin was so mad that the problem was solve that he made the elephant skinnier and smaller, and big-eared peole were formed.