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How the Earth Got the Sun

By: Jafire A.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once there was a god called Sun who lived in the clouds. Since he loved dif-ferent kinds of animals he had 50 of them as pets.There was one named Jafire who was more clever than all of the other animals, he knew how to create fire! One day he made a plan to runaway. Sun came to give Jafire food, and from his mouth Jafire blew fire straight at Sun. Jafire was scared, and he started to run away. As he was running he looked back and a saw Sun turn into a big ball of fire and rise into the air. Sun lit up the whole Earth.
It took Sun about 7 hours to get back to normal. When he did he went out to find Jafire again. But whenever he found Jafire, Jafire would burn Sun again. So, whenever you feel the burning heat of the sun's rays on your skin, you know Jafire is using his fire to burn Sun again.