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Patroclus's Mistake

By: Kayla H.
West Virginia, Age 13

Well one day Achilles's cousin Patroclus wanted to fight but Achilles said no and walked away. So that night Patroclus woke up and went into Achilles tent and stole his armour and fought as Achilles. The next morning ran outside and everyone thought he was Achilles and went into battle. Patroclus fought and moved like Achilles that people thought he was Achilles. Patroclus killed a few people he was fine until he got to a man called Hector they fought. Hector took a few swings but, Patroclus blocked them. About the sixth time Hector got Patroclus. He cut Patrclus's throat a cross diagnely. Patroclus fell to the ground. There Hector took of the helment then and there everyone finally relized that it was Patroclus. Hector bent down and stared for a few seconds and stood up and bent down and killed Patroclus.