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Munna and The Matches

By: Cory C. C.
Pennsylvania, Age 13

By Cory C.
Age 13

Munna and the Matches

Once upon a time when Mother Earth was covered in ice it is believed that Munna was the God of the moons. Earth had two moons. They were a close and large moon, “Cornelius” and a far and small one, “Wombo.” Cornelius was home to the god Munna. These moons were nothing special, just an average moon that was home to a god.

So, that at one time a kid on earth found a box of matches and started to play with them. He lit almost everything on fire that he could reach or even see. When Munna found out that this was happening he decided that the punishment was going to be bad. He had an idea to light Cornelius on fire. So he pulled Wombo up right next to Cornelius and moved all his belongings over. He lit Cornelius on fire and sent him away. From the heat the earth unfreezes and the water is sent to Wombo so it won’t catch on fire. When Cornelius is in the middle of the galaxy it provides heat for all the planets. When Cornelius left, Wombo felt lonely so he moved closer to earth. He was the new home of Munna. Munna warned all of mankind if any kids play with matches he will light Wombo on fire and since Wombo is so close the earth will most likely catch on fire.

This myth will teach kids not to play with matches and were the sun came from.