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Poseidon's Wave

By: Dean G.
Canada, Age 10

Poseidonís Wave

Demetre is the son of the god Poseidon. Demetre is a brave, handsome Spartan solider. Demetre went to war against Troy. When he got back from war he met up with a woman named Anna.

Demetre and Anna fell in love with each other. Eventual Demetre and Anna got married and they move to the island of Crete. Poseidon doesnít want his son to get married. Poseidon is frustrated and to separate his sonís marriage. He tries to make lies about Anna to separate their love. With all of his anger he decide the only way to separate them is to get ride of Anna.

One day Poseidon told Demetre to go to Helios [the sun god] and stay with him for ten days. With all his anger, Poseidon made a huge wave and flooded the whole state of Greece. The monstrous wave destroyed Greece a swept Anna away in the Ocean. Demetre was looking down on the world saw Greece being destroyed by the ocean. Demetre was shocked about what his father did and left him in anger.

* How tilde-waves happen

The End