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A rainbow without a sun

By: Cornequa K.
Michigan, Age 14

A woman named Vista lived with her mother and father who was also brother and sister.Vista was so beatiful every man in the village wanted to marry her and meke her their wife. Vista was the goddess of lust and decite. She knew how to trick men into getting what she wanted.Vista's father didn't like the fact that Vista was tricking numerous men out of there money.So he kicked her out of the village and she was stuck with no where to go.She wandered through a whole city with nowhere to go.She stopped at a lake and drunk some of the water because she was very tired and thirsty. she saw a man at the end of the lake filling up a water tub.Vista thought that maybe she can sudice him into lettting her spend the night.she went over and asked him for his name. He Bruce god of pride.