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Michigan and the Great Lakes

By: Danielle D.
Michigan, Age 13

Once upon a time, far far away, past the moon and the stars, there lay the city of Narnia, the land of the giants. In the city of Narnia, down the street of Bloomburd Blv. there lived the happiest family of the city, the KhadijaĂs. The family consisted of father Gomez, mother Michigan, and children Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Since Narnia is so far up in the galaxy, it is always very cold, this being every activity consists of things like ice skating, sledding, and skieing.
One day as Gomez and Michigan were ice-skating together at Sherwalk pond, Michigan was going very fast and had a terrible accident. She had slipped and fell and cut open her head open. Michigan had lost too much blood. She was taken to the underworld of the god Agrobah. A week before her death it was GomezĂs birthday. He received a pair of magic mittens from his wife, which allowed him to go down to Earth and then go back up to Narnia. Being the loyal husband that he is he was willing to go down to Earth and save his wife.
The next day Gomez put on the magic mittens on and with a blink of an eye he was down onto the surface of Earth. On his journey through Earth, proceeding through Canada, he came across a creature that looked like a dog but had a tail of a snake, teeth of leeches, and legs of and elephant. Gomez successfully came out of the battle but sacrificed and lost a mitten doing so. The creature starting chasing him so Gomez sprinted toward the path to the underworld leaving 5 huge footprints getting filled with his sweat and drool. He was now on the safe path to the underworld to finally retrieve his wife.
In the next three days, Gomez reached the land of Agrobah. Agrobah wouldnĂt allow Michigan to be replaced to her body again. But Gomez wouldnĂt let that one ˘no÷ stop him, so he kept on begging and finally Agrobah had an idea. He decided that since she had already had her funeral the only thing that he was able to do was to recreate her as a baby, instead of an adult. Gomez then started traveling back to Narnia and came across the mitten that he had lost. The mitten was all trampled into the ground like a piece of land. Gomez named that land after his wife, ˘Michigan÷. The 5 footprints became to look like great huge lakes; Gomez called those lakes the Great Lakes naming each of them after his kids. Superior, Erie, Huron, and Ontario, and the most beautiful lake Michigan. It stayed this way ever since.