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''The Fall Of The Legendary God''

By: James C.
Arizona, Age 13

Izanami the strong wonderful worrior that pertects the Gods. He is beside a volcano that is errupting because of the last fight that Shaked the Island that obviously shook the volcano and irritated the volcano, but all of a sudden a Evil monster named Hydra appears. Izanami tries and defeats the evil fire breathing dragon. He throws a Fire ball at the dragon! Hydra absorbs the fire. Ashes flee, Durga jumps into all the action! He says,Ready to get sliced!? Hydra Slapps him into the volcano. Durga Yells,''Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!'' Izanami falls. I am defeated, please spare me. Hydra eats him in victory.