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New Light

By: Jessica P.
Arizona, Age 13

Long ago the night was always dark there were was no light at all.So every day when it got dark nobody dared to go outside, they were afraid of getting lost. One day a baby was born. The baby was very beautiful and fortunately she was as healthy as a horse. The parents decided to name her after the goddess of light. Her name was Moon. A lot of girls didn't like her. Not because she was mean or selfish, it was because she was very beautiful. So the girls that didn't like her decided to make a plan, Moon was fifteen years old by this time. The girls were going to make Moon look bad. In other words they were going to make her look grotesque. They were going to invite her to a slumber party. After she went to sleep the girls put a curse on her. She would always be ugly. The girls invited all the people they could find and went inside the house, Moon was still asleep. When she awoke she was surprised to see many people because it was still night time. When the visitors saw Moon they were shocked. Moon didn't know what was going on. She went to check her reflection on the river next to the house. She too was shocked and so appalled
of what the girls did to her that she became furious.

Surprisingly she became bright and unnaturaly white she started to float up to
the sky. And she stayed there. She was the light of the night it was no longer dark.
That is the reason we have light in the dark.