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By: Amber A.
Florida, Age 13

There once was a beautiful goddess named penelopi. She was the goddess of rain and she could make a singel raindrop turn into a huge flash flood. The only way you could get her to make it rain was to send her gifts and to worship the very ground she walked on. One day after everyone got tired of sitting around in the heat someone shouted ''i think we should just do as the goddess penelopi says to do. give her gifts and make her belive we worship her. even if u dont she wont find out.'' but penelopi was very smart she knew better to trust them. so as they started bring gifts they were saying ''alls we want is a little rain to make our crops grow.'' so penelopi threw her hand up and the rain came poring down. the towns people started yellin thats enough. but penelopi made it flood and it washed all there crops away.