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Rain drops

By: Gabby B.
New Hampshire, Age 13

A long time ago a women was sitting in her kitchen weeping. Her neighbor had heard her crying and came over to her. She had asked her what was wrong and the women answered her softly, ''I have no child. I will do anything for one.'' That night she wished to the stars and the sky for a child. ''Please send me a baby boy. I will do anything.'' The next morning she found a baby boy at the end of her bed. She was so excited she took the child all around town and started to brag to every woman with no child. All the women started to cry. The little boy got tired and his mother brought him home for bed. All of a sudden the sky got dark and gloomy. The sky began to talk to her. ''You have told me you will do anything for me if I gave you a child. Well your now my rain drops. You have showed me you cannot have a child and be mature about it.'' All of a sudden the women was pulled to the sky. Now every so often the women cries and the rain drops come down from the sky.