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Quetzalcoatl and Hydra

By: Emilio R.
Florida, Age 13

There once was a god named Quetzalcoatl. He was the protector of Greece and all of its allies from monsters, demons, and evil creatures that threaten the lands. Quetzalcoatl was a god who controled three giant snakes. He lived in royalty and was praised everyday and given gifts by the people for protecting them for thousands of years. Then he caught word that there was a four-headed beast that lived in a cave on an unexplored island. Quetzalcoatl knew exactly who the beast was. For it was not any ordinary beast. It was Hydra the four-headed dragon. He knew right away because he has battled him before. Hydra is a horrible dragon that kills and eats anything that dares to enter its cave. So Quetzalcoatl went to the cave and began a glorious battle with Hydra. But Quetzalcoatl had used his godlike powers to make all snakes have venom to kill there enemies. His snakes inject five tons of venom into the dragonís body. Hydra died within two minutes of the battle after the venom was injected into him. Then Quetzalcoatl brought the dead motionless dragon back to the village and drained the venom from the dragon and cooked it and had a big feast between Greece and its allies. But his powers worked mostly not completely. Thatís why most snakes have venom and some donít.