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Sand man

By: Tomell O.
Florida, Age 13

Going to sleep is a good thing sometimes. Sometimes you go to sleep on purpose and sometimes on accident and others are forced. It might be this mythical creature or person who cares. He puts sand in your eyes, and people soon will care. His name is the sand man you’d better beware.
It started with a kid who didn’t believe in the mythical creature who put sand in your eye. His name is Billy, Billy Shrew. One day at night at Billy’s house in his room, Billy was feeling sleepy. He also was waiting for the sand mongrel. So he set up so many traps as possible. Billy had gone to sleep. During that time, a trail of sand slithered threw all the traps. Then the sand man put sand in his eyes and wrote Billy’s name on the wall very scarce.
The next day began, “AHH!” yelled Billy. seeing his name on the wall Billy was shivering with the window blowing in and out of the room as the window curtains move , but you didn’t know is the sand man also left a sentence saying .‘Billy I am the sand man who wrote this and if you don’t believe in me no one will ever see you again,” So one after day Billy always believed in the sandman no matter what, and told every body to keep there eyes closed every time they go to sleep.