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Ivy and the Birch

By: Kerry G.
New York, Age 13

Ivy and the Birch
Back when there were no TVs, phones, radios, cars, horses or even animals, plants had voices. Since the plants had voice they also had personalities . There were several kingdoms ruled by the plants there were grass lands ruled by the saw grass, the under water gardens ruined by the coral, the meadow ruled by the iris, and the forest ruled by the Oak.
The kingdom of the forest did not just consist of trees as one might think; it also consisted of shrubs and bushes. This was before they had a kingdoms of there own. They mostly roamed the forest floor in perch of sunlight. Many of the shrubs felt frustrated. For they could never find enough light to grown in which was why they were so short. Many times did the shrubs talk to king Oak asking politely if the trees could move over to make a small patch of sunlight for the shrubs. But never did the Oak say yes.
One day a shrub got sick of wander around looking for sunlight. It was Ivy. A clever little shrub, who was incredibly lazy and often spent his days with his head in the clouds. So Ivy decided to climb to the top of a tree, just for a moment. Only so he could feel the wind in his leaves and the sun on his leaves.

After much debating he deicide to climb to the top of a Birch tree. The Birch tree was a quite flamboyant tree with a tall and thin trunk. It hade a pail green color for the leaves and had rich chestnut bark. His rout raped round the trunk and branches of the Birch. When he was at the top he wrapped his routs around the trunk of the Birch to hag on. At last he felt the light on his leaves. The felling was so wonderful his routs wrapped tighter and tighter around the trunk of the Birch tree. Ivy did not realize it but he chocking Birch tree. The Birch turned a sickly white color and got black marks where the vines touched the trunk.
Down below the trees saw that the Birch turned a funny color. At firs they began to whisper then talk then scream. There branched tratch around wieldy and they began to bump and bang in to other tree. The created such a roar that the plants in the meadow herd. The forget-me-not forgot, the snapdragons snapped, and the bleeding harts bled.
at the top of the Birch Ivy hung on tight as the trees slammed agented one another. He wanted so desperately to come down. at the bottom of the Birch king Oak came over to see what the all the commotion was. when he arrived all the trees fell silent. Ivy decided he over stayed his stay and cimed down form the Birch.
''what have you done'' boomed Oak. ''you have you almost killed Birch''
''w-w-well'' stammered Ivy ''I just wanted to feel the sun in my leaves''
''now you have and you never will again'' Oak said in a voice filled with rage. ''you will be nothing but routs and you will have three pointed leaves. you will crual on the grouns and eat dirt never to be reached by sunlight.''
Ivy herd the forest chant and felt him self chant.
''What have I done'' he wailed. Then he crualed into a cave and staved there.
Birch tree survived. But his living came with a price. she now had white bark and black marks all over her. Witch is now how we see her today.
When he plucked up enough courage to go and ask Oak for a reckon chance Oak had grown. Ivy yelled at the top of his longs. But Oka could not here him. For he was to high up.
''I will show you'' Ivy snarled with vengeance. Ivy raped his routs around Oak and squeezed as tight as he could. Oak did not feel it then but he felt it later. Ivy was slowly chocking him. When animals came around Oak called to them for help. But Ivy created an oil to protect him. Any animal that came near him wound itch terribly. Thus calling it poison Ivy.
Over the times plants lost there voice and became mute. But what ever happen in this time pried stayed thought ages.