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A Fire Mountain

By: Tim M.
Ohio, Age 14

A Fire mountain by: Tim M
It was an ordinary day in the Aztec village. Farmers were farming, servants were serving, and the ruler was ruling. Everyone including King Tim hailed Ishktu , the golden mountain. Everyone pleased it, so it wouldn’t erupt. It never erupted , this tells us that the Aztec village was caring and giving. Until one day which is today.” I am aging.” Said the mountain. “ What do you want us to do? Answered King Tim “I WANT ETERNAL LIFE.” SAID Ishktu. King Tim offered human sacrifices. This upset the mountain. A giant hole opened atop the mountain. THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE . Lava and magma was shooting out. Everyone was screaming. Everyone ran to King Tim’s temple. Then only things you smelled were burning flesh and burning wood. This made the king sad. “ I think, I have a plan,” Said King Tim. So in an hour everyone had gathered all the gold. They all through it in the what’s called a volcano. The volcano grew red. He was even angrier. “Gold makes me mad, not vulnerable” Ishktu said. “What do you want ,I gave you gold and people, what’s left,” king Tim pleaded. “What do you get when you make those two?” you get a golden man but there’s no such ma….Tim stopped... oh no you don’t. I’m not going to be a sacrifice I’m the king. Before he could run away the high priest pushed him in the volcano. The volcano stopped, now the village was calm again. Now the village doesn’t have gold or a king. If there’s a volcano erupting, make sure ther is a king around.

The end? Or is it…?