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!!! The Flood !!!

By: Bo and Leonides F.
Texas, Age 14

Row is going to eat because he did a great reward for him, he thinks. He killed Gibe’s son. He has a feeling that Gibe is mad.
Row builds a boat to protect him and his family from the rain. They all ask him,” Why are you building this boat?” He replies panting, “The sea god, Gibe, is mad at me because I sinned. He is going to flood the world.”
It started raining like cats and dogs. In a few days it started to flood. The went around the world five times.
“The world is flooded!” Gibe bragged. He thought himself satisfied, so he stopped. The water stayed for forty days and nights. It slowly drained and Row and his family found themselves in a mountain.
The took parts of the boat to make a house. They celebrated with turkey and ham. They made so much noise Gibe heard them. Gibe is outraged because Row survived. He wanted to flood the world again, but he already promised not to flood the world again. Row lives another day.