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“Why the Rose Bush Has Thorns!!

Illinois, Age 13

As the day begins on Mt. Olympus Apollo mounts his golden chariot and chases the darkness away. Then you hear Prometheus moan in agony because the eagle is on his way to devour his liver. Any way it was a beautiful day the sun was shinning, the birds were singing, and the gods and goddesses were celebrating. Dionysus made the finest wine he ever made and everyone was having a great time.

Today Aphrodite was in a wonderful mood. So she decided to create a flower that would be able to match her beauty and make sure it’s flawless just like her. She also said it should last forever. So she started to think what it should look like. Then she went to her throne room and started to create. The first thing she decided on was the color red because that was her favorite color. Then she let it blossom that following spring.

When spring came she watch it carefully and one day. A goat came and ate it right in front of Aphrodite and she was furious. So she went to her throne room and started to think of a way for the rose to protect itself. First she got a dog to protect it and that failed. Then she got Aries to protect it and it worked but he got tired and gave up. So she thought what she could do. Then it came to her if the flower had something on it goats won’t want to eat it. So she was thinking and went to Athena to wisdom. Athena told her “How about you put something sharp on flower’s stem so it would hurt the animal if it tried to eat it.” So Aphrodite went to Apollo to ask him for some of his arrow tips. Then she asked Hephaestus for the strongest glue he has. Then she went to her throne room and glued the tips to the stem. So the next thing she did was plant the rose and when the goat tried to eat it. The arrow tips pointed the goat. This is how the rosebush got its thorns.