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By: Adam H.
Canada, Age 13

There once was a god named Memphis son of Haties went around poisoning drinks and food to make mare and stronger demons. Memphis had to do those things for his fatherÆs throne. Then Haties got all the demons in the world and attacked his Memphis. Every day the lord of the dead got closer to the council of gods. That night Zeus had there first born. Then the god of weather spotted Haties and his nasty army where heading straight for the council. ZeusÆs mortal wife took there son Hercules down to earth were he would be safe.
15 nasty years went past of blood and war. Gods were disappearing. They were still waiting for their hero to show up but he didnÆt know what he had to do. Then ZeusÆs mortal wife went down looking for him but she left him in the jungle so it took a year to find him. The gods couldnÆt hold off the demons much longer. Then all of the gods bent down on their knees and bowed for the god Hercules. He lifted his sword and wiped out the demons. Haties turned his back and ran then Zeus brought up a lightning bolt and through it at Haties and it went through him and back at Zeus. So when Zeus gained all his power then one day Memphis reappeard as a peace of ZeusÆs body. And attacked his father and stole the throne and Hateies was never seen again.