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By: Noel R.
Illinois, Age 13

One day Poseidon was resting in his great big sea. When he thought to himself, why am I down here while Zues is up there having all of the fun on Mt. Olympus? I am as strong and as powerful as he is and should get treated better. So Poseidon decided to challenge Zues to a duel, whoever won would get the throne on Mt. Olympus, forever. So Poseidon got his great army of deadly sea creatures, while Zues was getting his great army of titans, great gods of many things, usually old. the war went on for more than three years, so many creatures died. And finally, Poseidon wouded Zues, badly
˘Please great Poseidon, please adonĂt kill me, take the throne and rule my brothers and sisters. for years and years zues cried and cried, he flooded the heavens, which caused the sky to turn gray. Sometimes, when he cried a lot, his tears would come through the clouds and fall on land, also known as what we call it today, rain.