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Medusa's Story

By: Kristina K.
Illinois, Age 13

One day Hera queen of all the gods and goddess, Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty, and Athena goddess of wisdom, heard bout a young pretty mortal girl named Medusa. The girl Medusa was said to be the prettiest mortal girl, was one of the smartest mortals, and it was also said that one would always lose if they faced her in a challenge. This of course angers all three of the goddesses, so they get together to think of a plan on how to punish Medusa. Hestia the guardian angle of the goddesses overheard their conversations, and tried to stop them from doing a horrible thing to the young girl. Hera shoved Hestia out of the way and told her to stay away, and so Hestia did for Hera was the queen of all the gods and goddesses and it was unwise to anger her. Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena pay a visit to Medusa to see for themselves if it was really true. Sure enough they saw a beautiful girl walking, and every man there couldnÆt take his eyes off of her, some men even gave her gifts. Seeing this Aphrodite punishes her by turning her hair into snakes that hiss day and night. Athena punishes her by taking away all of her wisdom and making her very dull. Hera punishes her by giving her the eyes which turn men to stone, so if any man looks at her again heÆll be turned into stone forever.