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Crath Saves Tortoises

By: Cody B.
New York, Age 6

Once upon a time Crath heard the gentle screams of the tortoises. Crath got his sword and took his boat towards the screams of the tortoises. He saw Ath the Sea Monster biting the tortoises and spitting fire at them. The battle began. Crath fought but Ath the Sea Monster fought back! Ath the Sea Monster was winning because he had fire coming out of his mouth he was able to burn Crath who had no shield. Crath speared Ath’s mouth and stopped the fire. But then there was more trouble. Ath’s teeth became sharpened by the spear. Crath cut all of his heads. Crath had won! Crath saw the hurt tortoises. He made the bones of Ath into shells for the tortoises. That is how the tortoises were given their shells.