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A Hailstorm?

By: Shannon S.
New York, Age 9

When the clouds get too full, thunder rumbles, the clouds turn black and rain falls. If the same thing happens and it is really cold outside, snow will form. One day,on planet Gerafty people were having their average day when the whole sky turned black. Instantly, every living thing died except the people. Someone saw a hurricane in the distance. During the time of the incident it was snowing out and there was tons of puddles on the floor. As it came close to the people, the hurricane got covered in snow and rain. A hurricane is made of dirt so everything mixed and it was a big mess. One of the things it formed was ice pellets and as soon as the first one hit the ground, everyone took cover. The god of weather, Wezerdy got angry and lowered down to meet the twister. It angrily boomed