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My Closet Portal

By: David J.
New Jersey, Age 13

In my closet there is a small trap door no one can see it because itÆs under the carpet. This door leads to different mythical places through which many different mythical creatures come through.
The night I became a watcher was exhilarating I was sleeping and I heard a mysterious noise in my closet. A gigantic monster came through the portal and stole money from my wallet. The creatureÆs magical powers are brain blast is when he blasts a brain out whenever an enemy comes in. He also has x-ray vision.
The gigantic monster is 8-feet tall and comes through once a month. This creature is hideous, but kind to capture my annoying little brother is the monsters mission. Every night the monster comes to visit me. He tries to capture my sleeping brother but ends up failing because my parents are still awake. When he comes he goes into my brotherÆs room and takes him to the web of magic to be put in the magic jail. One night the two stupid guards let my brother go and was never found. The stupid guards were arrested because they let my brother go but were released. Beware of the guards they are evil. When they come through your portal they might hurt you or lock you up in the web of magic.