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My Portal

By: Casey F.
New Jersey, Age 13

The portal, I watch is a tree that once blocked the portal, but the tree fell. The tree was planted by a wizard; he planted it when the portal opened in 200 B.C. The wizard was poisoned by black magic, and the tree lost its power to stand. The tree was weakened and the portal was open.

I became a guardian of the portal after the wizard died. He came in my dreams and told me about everything. He also gave me my powers and my pet. My powers are telepathy and I can move things with my mind also. My pet 15-foot, half a ton, red dragon named Red Bolt. His powers are shooting fire out his mouth and lighting too. He can also fly. I keep him in a cave not to far away from the portal so no one can find him.

Some of the creatures that have come through my portal are elves, dragons, wild animals, and demons. The demons look like 6 foot, 300 pounds and ugly creatures. Their leader is a 6.5 foot, 400 pound, and really ugly and green. He is a demon wizard named Chrisit. His pet is a 20-foot, 1-ton wild boar named Tusk.
His plan is to destroy all life forms on the earth. He and his pet are going to drain the magic and powers stones from here. He plans to use that power to control his planet and the highways to the other dimensions or the magic web.

My mission as a guardian of the portal all living things in the worlds and to stop all evil, which threatens life as we know it. To help me stop them are my dragon, a few elves. There are a few watchtowers around the portal. ChrisitĘs power is same as any other wizard like casting spells. He has a powerful power stone which he formed into a ring which he used his power to make it last forever. If someone can remove his ring, he would turn old in a second then he would die. Long ago great and powerful wizards used their powers to try to stop him, but failed. There are five magical rings in all the worlds, Chrisit owns one, and the elf leader named Wirewood owns an another. One is owned by the demon general. Also a wizard owns one, but he has disappeared. The last one has not been found, but rumors say that who ever destroys evil will own it. That ring is more powerful than all of the others rings put together. The ring can give life or death, and as the owner wears it they live forever. The first person to wear it was a wizard. He stopped evil, but then Chrisit found his ring and attacked the wizard and killed him. Before Chrisit got it, it disappeared and been never seen again.