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''My Great Adventure''!!

By: Courtney H.
North Carolina, Age 12

Long ago, lived a boy with hois mother in a small cotage just below a watering whole. One day the boy's mom asked him if he could take the water pail and take it to the watering hole to get some water. The boy did as he was told and set off to go get some water for him and his mom. Finally he had gotten to the watering trail and just as he was tyeing the rope to his buckets handle do drop down in the water hole something shocked him. He looked down in the watering hole and saw a little creature. He thought to himself as he had never seen one before. The boy was shocked by his way of being and thought to himself that he was dreaming when he came upon a creature he had never seen before. Ten minutes later he woke up, and knew that what he discovered was just a dream.