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By: Neal S.
Virginia, Age 13

Lunar is the god that saved the moon. In this myth I will explain how he saved the moon. It all started in 400 B.C. when the moon split in half.

In 400 B.C. Lunar saved the moon because a huge asteroid crashed into it and split it in half. The asteroid comes from Zeus because he was mad at Hera for cheating on Zeus to get revenge on him for cheating on her. She was cheating on him with Poseidon. The asteroid contained lighting, which made the moon crack.

Lunar was created by Artemis to save the moon. He was ordered to save the moon by melting the rock so that the molten lava would act like glue so he could stick the two parts together. His first attempt to fly to the moon he got stuck in the earths atmosphere and he had to try again. His second attempt to fly to the moon he put a force field around him self but Zeus broke through the force field with lightning just to stop Lunar from fixing the moon. His third try he surrounded him self with Aphrodite’s love which was impermeable. On the third try he broke through the atlases atmosphere and made it to the moon.

He finally made it he ran directly to the site of the crack. The power of fire that hephtus gave to him to melt the rock but Zeus put a force field around it to stop him. All of a sudden the force field disappeared because Artemis is the ruler of the moon and she made the force field perrimable enough to walk thorough. Lunar melted the rock just enough so it could act like glue to stick the earths parts back together. It almost worked but Zeus’s force field would not let the cold through to harden the molten lava. So Hera stepped in and apologized to Zeus. He forgave her and removed the force field. Science it was -200°F it froze almost instantly.

He returned to Earth and Artemis rewarded him. He was rewarded by having the scientific name “Lunar” to be named after him. Another reward was to go live on the moon to watch over the moon as a guardian angel. Lunar now lives on the moon and keeps it always clean and fresh