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The Suprised Dragon

By: HollyMarie S.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Rex.Rex was very nice.He had a lot of friends. One day Rex told all his friends that his birthday was in 2 days.They can't keep anything a secret,so they ran into town to tell everyone. Everyone was so exited.And they all liked Rex.So they decide to give Rex a surprise party, but then they remembered that they can't keep a secret.They all thought and thought and thought.Finally, they decided that they wouldn't see or talk to Rex. The next day Rex went looking for his friends but he couldn't find them.They were hiding from him so they would not spill the secret. Rex looked all day until he gave up.He hoped that they would come wish him a Happy Birthday tomorrow. The next day Rex was Happy. It was his birthday.He thought his friends would come to his house as soon as they woke up, so he waited for them.He waited for them 'til noon.He thought that maybe his friends forgot.So he went to eat lunch,he thought it might take it off his mind.When he got to the kitchen he realized he had no food so he went to the market to buy some. On his way he spotted his favorite ice cream store.He thought maybe he could just get a little ice cream on his birthday. When he went in all he heard was SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!His friends did remember he thought.He thought it was the best birthday ever.