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A blessing

By: Lola K.
Michigan, Age 15

The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are known for its diverse number of species and its rocky volcanic land. Itís known for its beauty and itís a very popular tourist attraction. Why is this exactly? That islands that are isolated like the Galapagos islands come to hold such beautiful wonders? Well one day there was a horrible drought on the mainland. Farmers couldnít grow their crops or feed their families. Food was scarce and the people had no choice but to venture out to find better land. The people left and began their journey for better land. They traveled far to the islands of Galapagos. When they had finally reached the islands they were weak, tired, and very ill. Soon they realized that this island was not fertile but rocky and volcanic. What were they to do? They couldn't return home. They were all becoming ill. They had no choice but to stay. They prayed to their gods and asked them to bless the land. Within a week the land became full of animals they had never even seen before and before long the island had became a tropical paradise. They soon found that the land had indeed been blessed and that this would be their new home.