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A Myth of Mountains

By: Jeff N.
South Carolina, Age 15

Long ago, before humans were on earth, supernatural beings were constantly acting out to prove their strength. The ones that acted out the most were two brothers named Mountanio and Antonio.
Mountanio and Antonio were always fighting with one another in an attempt to prove who was the strongest, so one day Antonio came up with an idea to prove who the strongest brother was. He told Mountanio of a series of events that the gods use to determine their power: a triathlon. He told Mountanio that all they had to do was run across Asia and Europe, swim across the Atlantic Ocean, and then sprint across North America. Mountanio agreed that this was a good test, but he decided that the loser would have to build monuments worldwide in the honor of the victor. Antonio agreed and they took their marks at the starting line in Asia.
Antonio was definitely the faster of the two brothers and easily made it to the ocean before Mountanio. Mountanio eventually caught up and quickly dove into the ocean. Being the smarter of the two brothers, and the fastest swimmer, Mountanio knew that he could swim all the way to Mexico in order to cut out some of the running he would have to do. Mountanio made it to Mexico about the same time that Antonio reached Florida. The two brothers sprinted towards the finish line. Even though Antonio was faster, Mountanio, thanks to his head start, managed to reach the coast minutes before Antonio did and was declared the winner.
Antonio was furious that Mountanio outsmarted him in order to win the race, and to get back at him he built the monuments to him out of rough, jagged pieces of rock, rather than the finest gold and silver. Antonio threw these huge pieces of rock all around the world in an attempt to shame his brother, but Mountanio really enjoyed the way the monuments looked, and he named them after himself. Mountains.
Mountanio took great care of his monuments by planting trees on them and giving wild animals homes high in the peaks and low in the valleys of these new mountains. Mountanio took such great care of the mountains that when he died the whole earth mourned. Mother Earth sent large snow storms to all the mountains in order to cover their peaks with a bright white which made the mountains visible for miles.
Mountains everywhere are still snowed upon in order for us to remember Mountanio’s love and dedication towards his monuments, animals still run wild and happy through the forests that were planted there many centuries ago, and we all still enjoy the beauty that mountains possess each time we see them over the horizon.