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Acrylia and the River

By: Abby K.
South Carolina, Age 15

Acrylia, the goddess of art and sculpture was painting one day upon a large white canvas. She often painted pictures, mostly of trees and mountains. But her favorite thing of all was to paint rivers. She loved blending the different color pallets together between blue and purple. She would create winding paths with them about the canvas. Her father Skylend, lord of the sky, watched his daughter progress in her paintings. One day, Skylend decided to ask Acrylia if she would do him a small favor. He wished Acrylia would sculpt and paint a long river in a far away country that another lord owned, known as the USA. He knew her talents would bring to him great pleasure and satisfaction. Acrylia set out, grabbing the biggest canvas and the most clay and paints she owned, and fled to this country. When she arrived she began to take her petite gentle fingers and mold the clay into the form of a long narrow riverbed that winded throughout the country. Then she took her canvas and her paints, sat them atop the clay, and began to paint. Blues, Purples, Browns, and light touches of pink filled the riverbed creating a long narrow river that winds throughout the country. She whisked the brush creating small and gentle waves throughout the river. It twisted and turned from state to state. She covered the banks of the river with a variety of the prettiest greens and browns she had, creating long swaying grass. Small flowers of all colors would soon join the grass along the riverbank. When Acrylia finished painting the magnificent river, she asked another goddess named Animalia to fill the beautiful river with animals, and Animalia did. When Acrylia returned to her father and her kingdom, her father was overjoyed with the work she had accomplished. The river shined with the light from the sun and gleamed with the glow from the moon. The blue, purple, brown, and little pink streamed through the river and its gentle and easy waves. The beautiful river stretched through the USA. It was more than Skylend could have ever wanted. And so, the river rocks back and forth with gentle waves full of lavishing color throughout the USA. The people of the lordís kingdom decided they would name it the Mississippi River, after the beauty it brought to the land.