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“The Earth God and the Wish for Grass”

By: Kyle C.
South Carolina, Age 15

Once upon a time there was a god of the wind, water, and earth who ruled the world and everything in it. The wind god floated on the clouds and worked with the water god to create the weather. All day the water god swam and the wind god flew all around the world making fun of the earth god who could not fly or swim and was stuck to the rugged terrain of the land. The earth god always looked at them in envy because the ground was very rough on his feet and he could neither fly nor swim. Every day he had to deal with the pain of his throbbing feet in search of a way to finally get comfortable.
One day he was walking through the Grand Canyon when he saw something sparkle on the far side of the canyon. He ran to the other side and saw a floating sphere about the size of a soccer ball. He reached out to grab it but to his surprise the sphere began to talk to him. It said, “I am the great wishing sphere of the gods and I shall grant you one wish.” He had heard about the sphere of wishes in tails but never expected to see it in front of him and was shocked. Realizing that he needed to take the opportunity he had been given he knew what he needed to ask.
He asked, “I wish that there was a cover over the earth so that my feet will not hurt and so I can lay down where I please.” The sphere replied, “It shall be granted.” Suddenly the earth was covered with a green like carpet that the sphere said was grass. The Earth god looked at the grass not sure it would help his feet, but soon changed his mind as he ran around the new world finally in comfort just like the other gods. THE END