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Poor Mother Earth

By: Marcy A.
Tennessee, Age 10

One gorgeous,spring day,Mother Earth was upset.''Why,oh why don't I have any oceans?Why doesn't the goddess of water loan any to me?''she thought incessantly to herself.
Now,she started crying even harder and louder!All of the human beings were scared.She was about to flood the earth with her overflowing tears!What should they do?After the treacherous flood passed,there were still a plethora of large puddles,and it was hazy.The people of earth called these humongous puddles oceans. When poor Mother Earth heard that she finally had oceans,she was delighted to hear the news.All of a sudden,there was a beautiful rainbow and all the citizens of earth were happy too.
Still today these oceans have never gone away.They are also as salty as Mother Earth's tears.