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''How Tears Came To Be''

By: Bryanna W.
Louisiana, Age 11

Have you ever wondered how tears came to be?
Once upon a time,there was a girl named Aquadacia.Aquadacia is a sixteen year old girl who lived in the UnderWorld with her father,Hades.Aquadacia had a birthmark in the shape of a teardrop.She always wondered why it was in that shape.
Aquadacia is a very depressed young lady.She didn't have any friends because everyone ignored her.She wanted to marry one day and be happy for once.Hades once told her she will never find love if she mourns all the time.
One day,Aquadacia saw this very attractive man.She immediately fell in love.She wanted to speak to him,but she was too shy and depressed.The man came over and talked to her.Once she heard his voice she went into a daze.She found that his name was Briseis.
When Briseis left,Aquadacia became so sad water came into her eyes and rolled down.She called this water tears.
One day,Aquadacia was sitting in a tree,when she saw Briseis walking along the river.Her heart jumped.Briseis saw her,he had never noticed how beautiful she was until now.He said to himself,''I must marry this beautiful girl.''
briseis married Aquadacia and from then on,Aquadacia cried tears of joy.They also had a baby girl named Paris. This story explains how tears came to be.