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''How One Became Two .''

By: Taia B.
Louisiana, Age 12

One lovely afternoon there was a sad and depressed woman named Rhea. She had lots of questions no one could answer. She wanted to know what it was that made your stomach babble with joy and nervousness.

She finally said a prayer to Aphrodite. She waited for days, weeks, and months for an answer.She grew angry and said harsh and cold things about the goddess so the goddess spoke back.

''I do not respect the way you mortals speak to me.You shall be punished to fall for someone who dosen't fall for you.

Rhea grunted and went for a walk. Untill she ran into a handsome young man named Peleus. He smiled,said he was sorry, and kept walking. Rhea knew her punishment had begun.

The next day, she needed tomatoes for her salad, so she trotted to the market until she saw Peleus . He distracted her and she completely forgot why she'd gotten out of the house.

That following night Rhea decided to gather the guts to ask him to unite but right when she asked Cupid shot him with an arrow to fall in love with Cassandra, who was the goddess of nature.

Rhea cried her heart out for nights and days she finally said,

''I think i'll call this Love.''

Rhea spoke to herself in her head.

''Love I didnt even think there was a such thing.''