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''How Brothers Came To Be''

By: Daylan M.
Louisiana, Age 12

In ancient Greece,there was a thirteen year old boy.His name was Snake Eyes.He was like a ninja.Viper was his who also was like a ninja.Their master trained them to fight so when they are older,they can defend themselves.After Viper is defeated by Snake Eyes,he kills their master and runs away to a dark place in Japan.
While Snake Eyes went to seek the gods,a voice in his head told him to kill his brother, but Snake Eyes asked Zeus for help to take on Viper.The one thing about Snake Eyes that Viper liked,was that he had no fear when it came to violence.Snake Eyes always has flashbacks about what happened to their master.
One night,he finally met up with Viper in a dark alley.Viper sees Zeus along with him and starts saying that Zeus won't have much power to defeat him.That's when Zeus got mad and started throwing thunderbolts at him.Viper blocked all of them and one bounced back and hit Zeus.Viper pulled out his other sword and so did Snake Eyes and started the battle.
Snake Eyes cut Viper several times then jabbed his sword through Viper's body.He fell to the ground.He gets back up.Zeus was in shock!Zeus was so angry,he aimed a thunderbolt at Viper's head.Viper dies after he's hit by the thunderbolt.Snake Eyes thanked Zeus for his help.